About me

My name is Anoop.S.M. I'm 23 years old MCA candidate.I'm looking for a good carrier in Software Engineering. I have taken my Degree in Computer Science from Prajyoti Niketan College Pudukkad.

Currently i participate in the Six month project work as the part of post graduation (MCA).
I'm very interested in the open source softwares. My project is also based on the open source software like 'python'. My first project is the "DESIGN OF A LISP INTERPRETER WITH A WEB FRONT - END". During this project Python used as the Back-end.

I want to learn more about LINUX based programming. For this i joined with IC software. Courses at IC Software are managed by Mr. Pramode, an engineer with extensive experience in Free Software related technologies.

I'm also familiar with technologies like C/C++, Java, SQL, PHP. I develop this blog as the part of my project work. I feel it is the beginning of my good carrier..

Email : anoopmhn2009@gmail.com
Phone : 9447314687

If you don't want to use the contact info above feel free to fill the comment below - I'm always open for suggestions and questions, criticism and praise.


  1. Hello Anoop,
    I am a senior Computer Engineering student. I am preparing for an important interview, and studying alot about algorithms.
    I found your AVL tree implementation from Google and it was very useful.
    Since you care about open source and sharing, I wanted to leave a comment to say thank you for helping me :)

  2. great avl tree implementation...thanks a lot for the code